15 species of butterfly now out in Dorset

Dorset Branch website now has a "First Sightings" page, enabling you to see for the first time which species are out at any given time.

The information is taken mainly from sightings sent to the website via its sightings page, but may also include sightings form other sources if relevant.

As of today the site shows the following are on the wing somewhere in Dorset:

  • Brimstone 18/02/2013
    Comma 05/03/2013
    Dingy Skipper 07/05/2013
    Green Hairstreak 04/05/2013
    Green-veined White 23/04/2013
    Grizzled Skipper 02/05/2013
    Holly Blue 06/04/2013
    Large White 25/04/2013
    Orange Tip 06/04/2013
    Painted Lady 01/01/2013
    Peacock 01/01/2013
    Red Admiral 09/01/2013
    Speckled Wood 27/04/2013 
    Small Tortoiseshell 17/02/2013
    Small White 18/04/2013

Not bad for an underwhelming Spring!