Save The Belted Beauty

Belted Beauty male - Roy Leverton

Butterfly Conservation is supporting a campaign to help save one of the UK’s rarest moths in one of its remaining strongholds.

The Belted Beauty is a species under pressure with just one healthy remaining population in England and Wales.

The moth has been lost from other sites as a result of development and the construction of coastal defences.  In parts of western Scotland and Ireland, where it still survives, it breeds in sandy coastal areas.

The moth’s English stronghold at a saltmarsh site near Lancaster, Lancashire, is now under threat from an offshore wind-farm cabling landfall route. 

Proposals by the energy company have included trenching and, more recently, tunnelling through parts of the site. 

If you want to help save the Belted Beauty please sign this petition to remind the Government of their responsibility to promote biodiversity and to ensure this rare moth is fully protected at its last viable English site.

Dr Martin Warren, Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation said: “It is absolutely critical that the last English site for the Belted Beauty is protected from any harm. Please help us save this fascinating species by signing this petition."

Click here to view and sign the petition.