Art of Butterflies and Moths

Pebble Hook-tip ink drawing

As an artist as well as a naturalist I thought I'd post a short piece about how moths and butterflies inspire my work. Lepidopteran motifs feature strongly in my paintings, admittedly often veering towards fantasy with human figures sporting wings - but who wouldn't like a pair of wings?

When I enlarge my photographs of moths, which at first glance may look drab, on closer inspection the patterns within the grey and brown tones of their wings are often quite beautiful and inspiring!  My images may not be always scientifically accurate, but they are a celebration of the beauty of moths and butterflies. The image shown at top right was based on the Pebble Hook-tip moth, seen in my garden back in July 2005.

If any other Highland Branch members draw or paint Lepidoptera and would like to share their images, please feel free to send them in to our facebook page.

Suzanne Gyseman