Rare Moth in Strathcarron

 Ethmia pyrausta (female)

An exciting record has been sent in by Nigel Richards, of two specimens of Ethmia pyrausta which he found in a confidential site in Strathcarron (VC106) on 24th April 2014, East Ross, at an altitude of approx 350m.

Nigel says: "This is only the 5th British record of this moth. It was first discovered in 1853 on the banks of the River Shin and then rediscovered in 1996 in the Cairngorms, since when single specimens were found at Loch Vrotachan in Aberdeenshire in 2001 and near Loch Morie in 2008."

Pictured right:  Ethmia pyrausta female by Nigel Richards.