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Ethmia Pyrausta moth

Rare Moth Found In Scottish Highlands

One of the UK’s rarest moths – spotted only a handful of times since its discovery in the 19th century - has been seen in Easter Ross 15 times in five weeks.

Swallowtail ssp

Rare Swallowtail To Colonise UK?

A rare and spectacular butterfly may be attempting to colonise the UK after adults recently emerged on the south coast, Butterfly Conservation has revealed.

Glanville Fritillary

Early Start For Rare Spring Butterflies

Many of the UK’s rare spring butterflies have emerged three weeks earlier than last year and a week earlier than average as a result of the recent mild weather, Butterfly Conservation has revealed.

Mr Randall

A Devotion To Wildlife

Butterfly Conservation is sad to hear of the recent death of John Randall. John was key member of Devon Branch and former ‘BC Volunteer of the Year’. He devoted much of his life to saving butterflies, moths and other wildlife.

Oak Processionary Moth

Spraying Is Still Not The Answer

Butterfly Conservation is shocked that the Forestry Commission is again going ahead with aerial spraying of woodland in Berkshire to control Oak Processionary moth.

Lappet moth

Moth Crash Indicates Insect Crisis

Butterfly Conservation warns that Britain’s biodiversity is under threat following analysis of data from the National Moth Recording Scheme

Large Heath

Bog Squad To Protect Peatlands

Scottish peat bogs are set to receive a boost with the launch of a Butterfly Conservation Scotland ‘bog squad’ dedicated to saving these precious wildlife habitats.

Small Tortoiseshell

Butterfly Fightback Begins

UK butterflies rallied last summer following their worst year on record but numbers were still below average, a study has revealed.

Deaths-head Hawk-moth

Moth Causes World T20 Cricket Chaos

The world’s scariest moth caused chaos at the cricket after invading the BBC commentary box during England’s World Twenty20 clash with the Netherlands.

Chequered Skipper

Spreading Skipper Surprise

A new survey has revealed that the Chequered Skipper has been playing hide-and-seek with butterfly recorders in Scotland.

Pearl BF

A Tribute to Vincent Weir

Butterfly Conservation is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Vincent Weir, who was a Vice President and one of the charity’s biggest donors.

Barley Tort

Farmland Butterflies Flourish

Farmland butterflies thrived last year after benefiting from the best summer weather for seven years, a survey has revealed.


Bean Sticks For Butterflies

Volunteers working to save some of the UK’s most threatened butterflies have been taught historic woodland heritage skills from a Morecambe coppice expert.


Relief Road Proves Butterfly Hit

An amazing 20 species of butterfly have now been found on the sides of one of the busiest roads in Dorset after wild flower seeds were planted on its flanks, Butterfly Conservation has revealed.

Comma Butterfly

Climate change sees butterflies move north

Butterflies with stable populations have been able to take advantage of climate change and move northwards, a study involving Butterfly Conservation has revealed.