Species and habitat factsheets

Argent & Sable

Our collection of species factsheets and habitat downloads can be used to provide an overview on species ecology, assist with species identification and advise on best practice management for specific species and habitats.

New downloads and factsheets will be added when they are available.

Species Factsheets

Species factsheets include information on ecology, habitat requirements and best practice management for some of the UK's most threatened butterflies, moths and some key foodplants.

Habitat Advice

Click on the relevant habitat below for habitat advice downloads and factsheets:

Read more about different types of habitats and the associated Lepidoptera on our habitat pages.

Identification Guides

Most butterflies and widespread day flying moths can be identified using our Identify a Butterfly or Identify a Day-flying Moth feature. 

However, to help with identification some downloadable butterfly, moth and caterpillar ID guides can be found here.