Moth Factsheets

Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth

Download factsheets on some of the UK’s most threatened moth species. The factsheets include information on the moth ecology and best practice habitat management. The species factsheets are available as PDF downloads by clicking on the relevant species names below. 

New factsheets and downloads will be added when they become available. 

Argent & Sable (Rheumaptera hastata)

Barberry Carpet (Pareulype berberata)

Barred Tooth-striped (Trichopteryx polycommata)

Basil Thyme Case-bearer (Coleophora tricolor)

Black-veined moth (Siona lineata)

Bordered Gothic (Heliophobus reticulata)

Brighton Wainscot (Oria musculosa)

Buttoned Snout (ypena rostralis)

Chalk Carpet (Scotopteryx bipunctaria)

Common Fan-foot (Pechipogo strigilata)

Dark Bordered Beauty (Epione vespertaria)

Diny Mocha (Cyclophora pendularia)

Double Line (Mythimna turca)

Drab Looper (Minoa murinata)

Forester (Adscita statices)

Four-spotted (Tyta luctuosa)

Fiery Clearwing (Pyropteron chrysidiformis)

Goat Moth (Cossus cossus)

Grey Carpet (Lithostege griseata)

Heart Moth  (Dicycla oo)

Light Crimson Underwing (Catocala promissa)

Lunar Yellow Underwing (Noctua orbona)

Marsh Mallow Moth (Hydraecia osseola hucherardi)

Mistletoe Marble (Celypha woodiana)

Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth (Hemaris tityus)

Netted Carpet (Eustroma reticulatum)

Pale Shining Brown (Polia bombycina)

Reddish Buff (Ascometia caliginosa)

Scarce Vapourer (Orgyia recens)

Silky Wave (Idaea dilutaria)

Sloe Carpet (Aleucis distinctata)

Square-spotted Clay (Xestia rhomboidea)

Straw Belle (Aspitates gilvaria)

Striped Lychnis (Shargacucullia lychnitis)

Sword-grass (Xylena exsoleta)

White-spotted Pinion (Cosmia diffinis)

Waved Carpet (Hydrelia Sylvata)


For further information about more widespread species of day flying moths please visit our page the 'A-Z of Day flying moths'


Regional Moth Factsheets

Breckland Moths - a guide: A PDF full of information on Breckland moth species. Read more about our project in the Brecklands in the Landscape-scale Report.

Narrow-bordered Bee-hawk Moth in ScotlandInformation and management advice for Narrow-bordered Bee-hawk Moth in Scotland.

Netted Mountain Moth in ScotlandInformation and management advice for Netted Mountain Moth in Scotland.

Argent & Sable in ScotlandInformation and management advice for Argent & Sable in Scotland.

Scotland's Burnet and Forester MothsInformation and management advice for Scotland's Burnet and Forester Moths.


Factsheets have been funded by Natural England and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as a resource for land managers and advisors, especially when discussing grants available under Environmental Stewardship Schemes.