Identify a moth

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Here are some of the more common species of moth you may find in the UK. You can set or adjust your search criteria in the left hand column below. If you know what moth you would like more information on, use our moth A to Z.

Forester (Adscita statices )
Slender Scotch Burnet
Slender Scotch Burnet (Zygaena loti)
Argent & Sable
Argent & Sable (Rheumaptera hastata)
Black-veined Moth
Black-veined Moth (Siona lineata)
Bordered White
Bordered White (Bupalus piniaria)
Chalk Carpet
Chalk Carpet (Scotopteryx bipunctaria)
Drab Looper
Drab Looper (Minoa murinata)
Emperor Moth
Emperor Moth (Saturnia pavonia)
Netted Mountain Moth
Netted Mountain Moth (Macaria carbonaria)
Four-spotted (Tyta luctuosa)
Humming-bird Hawk-moth
Humming-bird Hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum)
Small Dark Yellow Underwing
Small Dark Yellow Underwing (Anarta cordigera)
Annulet (Charissa obscurata)
Antler (Cerapteryx graminis)
Barred Hook-tip
Barred Hook-tip (Watsonalla cultraria)
Beautiful Yellow Underwing
Beautiful Yellow Underwing (Anarta myrtilli)
Belted Beauty
Belted Beauty (Lycia zonaria)
Black Mountain Moth
Black Mountain Moth (Glacies coracina)
Blackneck (Lygephila pastinum)
Bordered Straw
Bordered Straw (Heliothis peltigera)
Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth
Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth (Hemaris fuciformis)
Broad-bordered White Underwing
Broad-bordered White Underwing (Anarta melanopa)
Burnet Companion
Burnet Companion (Euclidia glyphica)
Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth
Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth (Hemaris tityus)
Jersey Tiger
Jersey Tiger (Euplagia quadripunctaria)
Shoulder-striped Clover
Shoulder-striped Clover (Heliothis maritima)
Chimney Sweeper
Chimney Sweeper (Odezia atrata)
Cinnabar (Tyria jacobaeae)
Cistus Forester
Cistus Forester (Adscita geryon)
Common Carpet
Common Carpet (Epirrhoe alternata)