Natural England Thankfully Spared

Meadow Browns

Butterfly Conservation is delighted that the Government has today decided to leave Natural England as a separate organisation and not merge it with the Environment Agency.

Natural England has a huge job to do with halting and reversing the decline of wildlife. We firmly believe that it should concentrate on delivery and not further re-organisation which has distracted it over the last three years.

Dr Martin Warren, BC Chief Executive, said: “We are breathing a huge sigh of relief that NE has not been merged.

"Now is the time for action to save wildlife, not re-arranging the deckchairs. I hope they will now be allowed to get on with their job of tackling the huge decline in biodiversity and being a strong champion of wildlife.”

Butterfly Conservation is also pleased that the Joint Nature Conservation Committee is to retain its functions, especially its crucial role of co-ordinating monitoring across the UK. Their funding is vital to run the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme which provides an invaluable indicator of the health of the environment.

Butterfly Conservation worked with other wildlife NGOs through Wildlife and Countryside Link to put across a strong opposition to the proposed merger and helped draft a letter to the Times explaining what damage it could cause to wildlife. The Link responses can be found here 

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