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Hawk Moth

Nocturnal Nature In The Balance

As the longest night of the year comes around this evening Butterfly Conservation and other wildlife bodies have assessed the fortunes of our nocturnal nature and discovered a mixed picture.

High brown fritillary

Nature Check

The government is failing to deliver a third of its commitments to protect the natural environment

Long-tailed Blue Butterfly

Exotic Migrants Colonise UK

Exotic butterflies and moths from the Continent are attempting to colonise the UK following this year’s warm summer and mild autumn.

NOFA Nicholas Watts

Farming for Nature

A bird lover who turned his hobby into his livelihood has been crowned the winner of a prestigious wildlife farming award.

Peacock Butterfly

Hot Summer Helps Butterflies Bounce Back

The hot summer of 2013 has enabled UK butterflies to bounce back following a string of poor years, the world’s largest butterfly count has revealed.

Tiger Moth

Is There A Tiger In Your Garden?

Nature lovers are being asked to check their gardens for tigers in a bid to help conservationists studying the effects of climate change on moth distribution.

Child with Privet-hawk Moth

Naturalist Launches Caterpillar Campaign

Naturalist Nick Baker is encouraging primary school pupils in Dorset and Somerset to connect with nature with the launch of a ground-breaking education campaign.


Can Our Butterflies Bounce Back?

Sir David Attenborough has warned that UK butterfly numbers are at a historic low and is urging the public to take part in the world’s largest butterfly count.

Meadow Browns

Natural England Thankfully Spared

Butterfly Conservation is delighted that the Government has today decided to leave Natural England as a separate organisation and not merge it with the Environment Agency.

Silver-spotted Skipper

Skipper Needs The Sun

The rare Silver-spotted Skipper is extremely sensitive to small temperature fluctuations, a long-running study has revealed.


Late Show For Rare Spring Butterflies

The coldest start to spring for half a century has led to many butterflies emerging weeks later than usual, Butterfly Conservation has revealed.

Oak Processionary Moth

Aerial Spraying Not The Answer

Butterfly Conservation is extremely disappointed that the Forestry Commission is going ahead with aerial spraying of a protected wildlife site to control the Oak Processionary Moth.


Born and Bred by Oasis

Women’s fashion retailer Oasis has collaborated with Butterfly Conservation for this year’s spring and summer season to design a unique collection of t-shirts.

Elephant Hawk

Moths Suffer 40-Year Crash

The abundance of the UK’s larger moths has crashed during the past 40 years with three species becoming extinct in the last decade, a major scientific report reveals.

Meadow Browns

Grass Feeding Butterflies Defy Deluge

Grass-feeding butterflies defied the second wettest year on record to enjoy a bumper 2012 across the UK countryside, according to a new scientific survey.