Better Bogs for Butterflies and Moths

Argent & Sable

Scotland’s beautiful and mysterious peat bogs are key wildlife habitats and home to some of our rarest butterflies and moths, but these precious habitats are increasingly under threat.

Peatlands and mires are the stronghold of bog specialists such as the vulnerable Large Heath butterfly as well as threatened moths such as the Argent and Sable and the Rannoch Brindled Beauty – both UK Biodiversity Action Plan and Red Data book species.

Many other butterflies and moths that are rare in the region, such as Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Green Hairstreak, Lunar Hornet Moth and Wood Tiger can also be found on mire edges. These habitats are also home to a wealth of rare wildlife including the Northern Emerald dragonfly and Bog Sun-jumper spider.

We need your help to protect these precious wildlife havens.

Many of Scotland’s bogs are in a poor state after being planted with alien conifers, damaged by drainage, used as dumps and stripped for garden use. Butterfly Conservation Scotland has begun an ambitious programme to restore areas of peatland in Scotland’s Central Belt from Ayr to Fife. Thankfully, Scotland’s bogs are increasingly valued for their rich biodiversity and the 'ecosystem services' they provide, such as flood prevention and carbon storage.

Mending mires can mean blocking drains, removing Rhododendron, controlling conifers and clearing scrub. Butterfly Conservation staff and volunteers have been carrying out all these activities at our Wester Moss nature reserve in conjunction with the owners, Stirling Council.

We are now extending this work to other sites in the Central Belt with funding from Scottish Natural Heritage’s Green Stimulus Peat Restoration Programme.

We need to raise at least a further £5,000 as Butterfly Conservation’s contribution towards this work and to help fund the activities of our 'Bog Squad' volunteers.

Please help us to restore Scotland’s lowland raised mires.

By restoring these precious places we have a huge opportunity to re-establish thriving populations of rare butterflies and moths and other wildlife.

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