Saving Surrey's Small Blue

Small Blue (upperwing)

Urgent action is required to conserve the Small Blue in Surrey. Britain’s smallest butterfly is now one of the county’s most threatened species.

Once widespread on sheltered chalk grassland, the Small Blue has suffered years of decline and it now occurs on less than 15 sites along the North Downs and a few other sites in the London Boroughs of Sutton and Croydon. The Small Blue in Surrey is extremely vulnerable and it needs our help.

Please give the Small Blue a big future in Surrey

With its future in the balance, Butterfly Conservation launched an exciting new project last year to restore chalk grassland habitat for this butterfly on the North Downs. But we now need to expand this work and funding is required for the next phase of the project.

We will create high quality habitat on downland to the west and east of Guildford. Networks of habitat across several sites will be restored so that the butterfly can spread to new areas, helping sustain populations threatened with extinction.

As well as benefiting the Small Blue, this project will improve habitat for other rare butterflies and moths, including the Silver-spotted Skipper, Chalk Hill Blue, Chalk Carpet and Lace Border, and a range of increasingly scarce downland flowers. This is a challenging, long-term project that will reverse decades of decline. It would be a tragedy to lose the Small Blue so we need to act now to help it bounce back.

We will be working closely with land owners on the Downs to create and improve habitat. Funding is required to pay contractors to carry out scrub clearance and to collect or purchase Kidney Vetch seed and grow plug plants - the sole food plant of Small Blue caterpillars. Grazing and mowing regimes will be introduced to restore and maintain each site in good condition.

But we cannot do this work without your help

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