A Brighter Future For The Marsh Fritillary In Wales

Marsh Frit 2

The Marsh Fritillary is one our most threatened butterflies. Once common across Wales, this butterfly has declined by 76% in the last 20 years.

In 2014 we have a wonderful opportunity to restore and improve a network of 10 sites for the Marsh Fritillary in the Upper Ely River valley of South Rhondda. With your help our new project will substantially increase the amount of good quality habitat for the Marsh Fritillary in this key landscape.

The Upper Ely River valley is one of the most threatened Marsh Fritillary metapopulations in Wales. Butterfly Conservation Wales has been working with partners in this landscape for the last four years. We now have a fantastic opportunity to significantly expand our work here and to finally secure this network for this vulnerable butterfly.

Please help to secure the future of the Marsh Fritillary

Working across a network of sites we want to substantially increase the amount of well-managed Marsh Fritillary habitat to sustain the butterfly’s population in the long term. The Marsh Fritillary thrives in damp marshy grassland, or Rhos pasture, where there is abundant Devil’s-bit Scabious, the only plant on which its caterpillars feed. The best way to maintain this habitat is through light summer grazing by cattle.

With your help we will introduce conservation grazing on all 10 of the project sites, increasing the amount of suitable habitat there by 62 hectares, which will increase the habitat network to 100 hectares. Please safeguard the future for one of our most iconic butterflies.

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