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Welcome to the family pages of Butterfly Conservation. 


Join the whole family

Family membership costs £44. Your family membership welcome pack contains everything you need to start identifying the butterflies, moths and caterpillars you discover, ideas for butterfly-friendly gardening, plus information on which species to look out for on our network of reserves.

There is no better time to get the family out and learning more about nature.

We have lots of resources designed to help children learn more about butterflies, moths and the environment this summer.




Scavenger Hunt

Family walk

There is no better time to get out and enjoy nature. Why not try our Scavenger Hunt and see what you can find! All you need is the Scavenger Hunt list, a camera, a bag and a pen!




Make a butterfly kite

cartoon caterpillar

Why not make your own butterfly kite to fly outside? All you need to do is print the butterfly template onto card and follow the instructions to make your own beautiful kite!



Make a caterpillar

cartoon caterpillarTransform an old egg box into your very own caterpillar. Get creative with your paints or colouring pens and invent a new species! Download the instructions.


Make a life cycle mobile

CraftingWhy not work together to make a lifecycle mobile?
All you need is our Butterfly Life cycle cut-outs, some card, glue, scissors, string and some colouring pencils.




You don’t have to go outside to find out about butterflies and moths, try out some of our games and see what you can learn.

Butterfly race game

Child with diceSee which player/butterfly can overcome all the dangers and problems to grow to adulthood first, and learn a little bit about the challenges faced by butterflies at the same time. Simply download the Butterfly Race Game roll the dice and get started!


Butterfly quiz

kids writing

You can either do this quiz together or split into teams. Just download the quiz and use the internet to find out all about these butterfly breeds and see who can get the most facts right. Once you have found all the facts you can use the answers to see who wins (no cheating!)




Try out our butterfly themed word searches. Why not have a race to see who can get all the words first?




Or if you just want a chance to find out a little bit more about some species why not download our factsheets?
Red Admiral
Small Tortoiseshell


Have a look at the competitions we have running at the moment

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