Mossy Moth Night!

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Mossy Moth Night!
Friday 15th September 2017, 7.30pm-11.00pm
Fallin, Stirling

We will set up light traps to catch live moths at the edge of Wester Moss, a great little bog in Fallin, just outside Stirling.  

Our lovely Wester Moss nature reserve  is jointly managed with the owners, Stirling Council. Wester Moss is home to wonderful moths such as Wood Tiger and Emperor moths, as well as plants such as Bog Rosemary and Round-leaved Sundew.

Please bring warm clothing, wellies or waterproof footwear, sunglasses (moth trap lights are bright!) and a torch.

Everyone is welcome, but you need a steady footing as we will be walking across uneven terrain.

Start: 7.30pm at the mining museum car park in Fallin.

Finish: Around 11.00pm (depending on the weather)

Contact Ross McIlwrath for more information email:

This event is supported by the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative and with the contribution of the Life+ financial instrument of the European community (