Why become a member?

Butterflies and moths are among the most threatened groups of wildlife in the UK. Without your support we cannot continue our vital work to protect them. By becoming a member you will:

  • Save endangered species from extinction.
  • Help restore natural habitats and create safe-havens for butterflies and moths.
  • Be part of an active and friendly organisation that makes a difference at local and national levels.
  • Enjoy access to our butterfly nature reserves across the UK.
  • Share your voice to campaign and support wider environmental issues affecting wildlife and people.
  • Get involved in the world’s largest Butterfly & Moth recording and monitoring programmes.
  • Help create a world rich in butterflies for future generations to enjoy.
  • Recording
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    We cannot conserve butterflies and moths unless we know where they live. Butterfly Conservation's work to record and map the distribution and abundance of butterflies and moths is at the heart of our efforts to conserve them, especially the rarest and most vulnerable species.

  • Conservation
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    The High Brown Fritillary was declared a priority species after numbers fell more than 80% in 10 years. The Morecambe Bay area is one of its last strongholds and we work with landowners to establish butterfly havens. This work will ensure the survival of the High Brown Fritillary for future generations.

  • Research
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    Moths are a crucial part of Britain’s biodiversity. Their rapid decline threatens numerous species of birds, bats and small mammals that feed on them. Butterfly Conservation is working to understand more about moths and is leading the field in moth research and conservation in the UK.

  • Restoration
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    Prees Heath reserve is the last sanctuary for the Silver-studded Blue butterfly in the Midlands. We are undertaking a major restoration project to reinstate heathland and grassland vegetation across much of the site, enabling the beautiful Silver-studded Blue and other wildlife to flourish.

Why others have joined

  • Penny & Dave Green from Sussex
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    Penny & Dave Green from Sussex

    "We joined Butterfly Conservation as we wanted to support an organisation that really prioritises species conservation on the ground for moths as well as butterflies. Locally we love being part of the Sussex branch’s thriving recording community.”

  • Susan, Della & Blake from Scotland
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    Susan, Della & Blake from Scotland

    "Supporting Butterfly Conservation is an important part of our family. Living busy lives, it's easy to forget about the importance of bio-diversity. Our membership provides great opportunities to spend time in the countryside enjoying flora and fauna.“

  • Lyn Pullen from Dorset
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    Lyn Pullen from Dorset

    “I want to see my Grandson enjoy the butterflies I can remember from my youth, so being a Butterfly Conservation member is the obvious way to help achieve this. I also enjoy getting out and recording butterflies: they only come out when it’s warm and sunny!”

  • Dr Robin Field from Northampton
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    Dr Robin Field from Northampton

    “I’ve worked with Butterfly Conservation for 15 years. The range of work they do is fantastic. Recently I’ve been unable to devote as much time volunteering so felt that by becoming a ‘Benefactor’ then at least extra funding can help.”