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When deciding what to do, the only limit is your imagination. We would suggest you do something you enjoy, keep you plans simple and make sure it's safe and legal.

How about...

Spending time with friends and family - Why not organise a tea party, wine tasting, barbecue or quiz night and sell tickets or ask for donations?

Baking for butterflies - Try selling homemade produce with a butterfly link. How about Hedgerow Jam for Hairstreak butterflies or Nettle Wine for the Comma?

Get Green fingered - Grow some butterfly nectar plants and run a plant stall. 

Wing it to your workplace - Get colleagues to have a dress down, or even dress up, day. Provide butterfly friendly treats at tea-break in exchange for donations.

Go on a fitness drive - Sign up for an organised running or cycling event and collect sponsor money.

Take on a butterfly challenge - See how many butterflies you can spot in an hour or a day. Get sponsored for every species you see.

Organise a competition - Run a tombola, raffle or quiz night.

Ask for donations in lieu of presents - Perhaps if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary you could ask guests to make a donation to help save butterflies.

Whatever you decide to do, however much you raise, you can be confident that every penny will make a tremendous contribution to the conservation of butterflies and moths.

Decide what you're going to do, when, and how!

Get some help - Involve your friends and family.

Budget - For anything you need to buy upfront. Think carefully about the resulting income you might raise. Companies and businesses are often happy to donate items you need for your fundraising event, it might be worth approaching them.

Make a list - Of everything that needs to be done. It is useful to create a timetable, counting down to the day of your event - break tasks down and give yourself deadines to meet. Be realistic about how long things take and build in a bit of extra time to account for unexpected delays.

Stay safe - If your event involves the general public rather than friends, family and colleagues you may have to consider legal, health and safety, and insurance issues. These websites are really useful: and

Enjoy yourself - After all you're raising money for a great cause and your efforts will make a huge difference to the future of butterflies and moths.

Say Thank you - Send a message to everyone who helped make your event a success. Let them know how much you raised.


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