Trustee Elections

The results of the Trustee Elections have been announced at Butterfly Conservation's AGM on Saturday 14 November 2020. We can confirm that the following two candidates have been successfully elected (one of whom has been re-elected) to the Board of Trustees.

  •  Hugh Ellerton
  • Susan Foden
    Statement of Candidates Confirmed for Elections

The time frame for submitting nominations for the Trustee Elections has now closed.

A total of two candidates have been proposed.

Please find below a list of the candidates names, their election statement (which sets out their background and qualifications for wanting to become a Trustee), together with the name of the person proposing each candidate.

(listed alphabetically by Surname)

Hugh Ellerton

Hugh Ellerton
Proposed by Karen Goldie-Morrison

I grew up in a family of butterfly and moth enthusiasts and my earliest memories were chasing large numbers and varieties of butterflies in Kent and Dorset; collecting soon gave way to observing the decline of habitats and the alarming rate at which common butterflies of my youth became rarer and rarer. I am a Special Life Member of the British Entomological and Natural History Society, which I joined in 1961; my subsequent career in financial services took me to France and the Far East which opened up international horizons for my interest in Lepidoptera.

I am a Chartered Accountant and retired in 2019 as a professional trustee to devote my time to further my interests in butterfly and moth conservation; I believe I can use my fund  management, audit, administration, governance and trustee background to provide Butterfly Conservation with the specialist  professional experience, which  is so  important to charities in an increasingly transparent and critical world. I hope Butterfly Conservation will continue its strong growth as a leading national voice to improve the environment for butterflies and moths. As the charity and its influence grows, so does its responsibilities and I believe I can provide a important independent role as a trustee and to ensure that the hard earned excellent reputation of Butterfly Conservation is strengthened and never lost.

Susan Foden

Susan Foden
Proposed by Karen Goldie-Morrison

Last year I moved north. After many years in Oxford, I moved to the stately and beautiful city of Edinburgh. Here, compared to further south spring comes in more gradually and in no rush, allowing time to enjoy each stage as it emerges. And so it is with butterflies and moths – they too are gradually moving north and each stage is a wonder of nature and a joy to witness.

I have been a member of Butterfly Conservation's Council now for 8 years. Time has truly flown and many changes have occurred. Being able to contribute to Butterfly Conservation as a member of Council, a member of the Investment Committee or as a director of BCT has been, and still is, a responsibility and an honour. The coming year holds many challenges for Butterfly Conservation which will call on all our efforts and support. I hope to be able to contribute mine in the best ways possible.

To be eligible to stand as a candidate for the position of Trustee, you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Not be disqualified from acting as a charity trustee
  • Have not been convicted of an offence involving deception or dishonesty (or any such conviction is legally regarded as spent)
  • Have not been involved in tax fraud
  • Not be an undischarged bankrupt or have taken out an Individual Voluntary Arrangement
  • Not made compositions or arrangement with your creditors from which you have not been discharged
  • Not been removed from serving as a charity trustee, or been stopped from acting in a management position within a charity
  • Not been disqualified from serving as a Company Director
  • At all times ensure the charity’s funds, and charity tax reliefs received by this organisation, are used only for charitable purposes.

Further information about becoming a Butterfly Conservation Trustee can be found in the documents linked below. More information about being a Trustee of a UK charity is available from the UK Charity Commission.

The deadline for nominations is 5pm on Thursday 7 May 2020.

The election results will be announced at Butterfly Conservation’s National AGM on 14 November 2020. Further details regarding the AGM will be provided shortly. 

The timetable for the process is outlined below:

Friday 28 February 2020                     

Call for nominations opens

Thursday 7 May 2020

Deadline for nominations 

Friday 25 September 2020

Voting opens

Friday 30 October 2020

Voting closes

Saturday 14 November 2020

Election results announced at the AGM

For further information, contact Sarah Adlem at Butterfly Conservation's Head Office on [email protected] or 01929 400209.

Download more information below:

What does Council do
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Articles of Association
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