For one week only, your donation has twice the impact to continue our project to save and secure the future of the threatened Wood White in Southeast England.

Children looking at species

£5 doubled to £10

could pay for seeds of plants like Greater Bird’s Foot Trefoil that Wood White caterpillars feed on.

BC Volunteers

£10 doubled to £20

could help create identification guides to help people identify Wood Whites and other butterflies and moths and create spaces for them to thrive.

Mating Green-veined Whites at Snakeholme (Derek Fox) 200620

£25 doubled to £50

could help train volunteers on how to monitor Wood White as we track its expansion.

What is the vital next phase of the project?

  • Share our expert advice to create new breeding sites, improve connectivity between patches and keep up with high demand for our knowledge
  • Recruit and train volunteers to increase our capacity to share advice
  • Create a Wood White Landscape Plan to map the current population, highlight long-term management objectives and identify areas where the Wood White can expand into
  • Create a new resource pack for land managers to provide guidance on creating and managing wildflower areas for Wood White’s across its UK range

Your donation could pay for:

Wood White butterfly on a flower

£50 doubled to £100

could create resource packs to provide guidance to land managers on how to create spaces suitable for the Wood White.

Wood White on bugle

£100 doubled to £200

could help create volunteer toolkits to empower volunteers to take actions as 'Wood White Champions'.

Big Give - Christmas 2022

£250 doubled to £500

could pay for a contractor to create a species-rich wildflower within the woodlands that support the Wood White.

Double the impact your donation has between 29th November and 6th December. Help us turn the Wood White’s decline around.

Please note: if we do not receive sufficient funding for this project to go ahead your donation will be allocated to education, engagement and community activity elsewhere in the UK.