Not found in the UK. The Danube Clouded Yellow is a large orange-yellow butterfly with conspicuous black wing margins. It is one of twelve European representatives of the worldwide distributed and species-rich genus Colias.

An endangered butterfly that was once found along much of the general river basin of the Danube from Germany to Romania, but is now essentially confined to the latter country.

It does, however, still occur in some of the former Soviet Republics as well.

Size and Family

  • Family: Whites and Yellows
  • Size: Medium
  • Wing Span Range (male to female): 44-50mm

Conservation Status

  • Butterfly Conservation priority: High          
  • European Status: Endangered
  • Action Plan (2010)

Caterpillar Foodplants

Caterpillars feed only on the young and re-sprouting twigs of different Chamaecytisus species. Older branches are not used.


Mosaic of warm, traditionally managed meadows, pastures, orchards, open forests and woodland margins.


  • Largely confined to Poland, Romania and Slovakia
  • Distribution Trend Since 1970s: N/A
Danube Clouded Yellow (underwing) - Adam Gor

Danube Clouded Yellow (underwing)

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