Saturday 21 March 2020
Birmingham and Midland Institute, central Birmingham

Pearl-bordered Fritillary - Bob Eade

UK Butterfly Recorders Meeting Cancelled

My Senior Management Team and I have been watching the developing situation with coronavirus Covid-19 closely and have reluctantly made the decision that all BC-led events for >25 people in the immediate future are cancelled.

This means that UK Butterfly Recorders meeting on 21 March is CANCELLED with immediate effect.

We are deeply sad that such a brilliant part of the recording calendar cannot go ahead, but we have to balance the benefits of the day with the risks of encouraging large numbers of people to come together and potentially increase the transmission of the virus.

Crucially, we must be aware that we have a responsibility to our volunteers, staff, partner organisations and hosts to not expose them to unnecessary health risks. Covid-19 is particularly high risk for older people and those with underlying health issues, and we all have a part to play in reducing transmission and not increasing exposure for those individuals, even if the risks for much of the population are predicted to be relatively low.

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We look forward to welcoming you all at next year’s Recorders’ Meeting in 2021.

With my sincerest apologies for the disappointment, I know this will cause.

Julie Williams
Chief Executive


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