Bring the rare Dark Bordered Beauty back to Northumberland


The Dark Bordered Beauty is at risk of extinction in England unless it can spread to new landscapes.


Give this rare and beautiful moth the best chance of survival by helping it strengthen its population and expand into new areas.
Meadow - Tim Melling

Deep in Northumberland, near Kirkwhelpington, lies a remote but beautiful location rich in wetland wildflowers and plants and echoing with the captivating calls of curlews and cuckoos.

Your support will fund work in this stunning landscape so this species, and many more, can flourish.

Dark Bordered Beauty (male) - Ilia Ustyantsev

A new haven for the Dark Bordered Beauty will be a huge boost for this rare species, creating a safer future and the opportunity for it to expand into new areas.

Please donate today to give the Dark Bordered Beauty a safer future.

Dark Bordered Beauty
How your donation helps

It is critical that we can:

  • Discover whether the species is still present and in what numbers
  • Investigate what needs to be done to the sites to ensure the moth can survive
  • Work with the landowners to manage the land and create the perfect habitat
  • Identify suitable sites for potential reintroductions of the moth


Thank you to Yorventure, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the members and supporters of Butterfly Conservation who have helped the Dark Bordered Beauty to fight back on Strensall Common.

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