Clever Caterpillar Adaptations

Learn all about the adaptations that help caterpillars escape predation. Then have a go at designing your own 'clever caterpillar'!

You will need:

  • Our clever caterpillars template
  • Pens, pencils or anything you would like to use to design and decorate your caterpillar

Step 1

Watch our short video all about the clever adaptations that caterpillars use to avoid being eaten by predators.

Step 2

For extra inspiration, browse our gallery of caterpillars, or take a look at our downloadable Moths and their Caterpillars ID guide. 

Step 3

Print out our template and have a go at designing your own Clever Caterpillar. Will yours be brightly coloured or carefully camouflaged? Think about where your caterpillar might live and what it likes to eat. You could even give it a name!


Image of worksheet

Clever caterpillar template

Download me
An image of a moth ID guide

Moths and their caterpillars

Download me


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