Colour in butterflies and moths

Grab your felt tips or pencils and spend some time colouring in one of our butterflies or moths.

You will need:

  • Felt tip pens or pencils
  • Choose from our selection of colouring sheets

If you'd like to match your colouring in to the type of butterfly or moth featured, use the image gallery to find a picture you can copy. Or get creative with your own colours and patterns!

Further learning

Butterflies and moths come in all sorts of shapes and colours. The colours and patterns of their wings can serve different functions. Think about the colour of your chosen butterfly or moth - how might this help them survive? Are they camouflaged or do they stand out? Do they have patterns such as eye spots that may be used to scare predators away?


Image of the Orange-tip colouring in

Orange-tip butterfly

Image of Elephant Hawk-moth colouring in

Elephant Hawk-moth

Image of Small Tortoishell Colouring in

Small Tortoishell Butterfly

Image of Scarlet Tiger Moth colouring in

Scarlet Tiger Moth

Image of Holly Blue butterfly

Holly Blue Butterfly

Image of Emperor Moth colouring in

Emperor Moth



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