Creating a Wild Space is an easy way to help butterflies and moths in any outdoor space. Start your Wild Space journey today with our activities.

What is a Wild Space?

A Wild Space is a habitat that helps butterflies and moths complete their entire life cycle. It can be as small as a window box planter to as large as a community garden. A Wild Space would usually include flowers for adult butterflies and moths to feed on, food for their caterpillars, and somewhere for them to hide away and keep safe.

Getting Started

Identify an area you want to make in to a Wild Space. This could be anything from a couple of small pots to a whole garden or a corner of an allotment. 

Use our downloadable Wild Spaces Score Sheet to find out how butterfly and moth-friendly your space is. Head outside and have a good look around - how many Wild Space features does your space or it's nearby area already have? Is there anything missing that you could add more of?

Creating your Wild Space

Once you have a space in mind, head over to the Wild Spaces website for lots of ideas for what you can do to improve your space for butterflies and moths. You could also use our 'Design your Wild Space' template to have a go at drawing what your ideal Wild Space would look like! 

Tell us about your Wild Space!

No matter how small or large, we'd love to hear about your Wild Spaces - add your Wild Space to our map and download your certificate! Simply go to the Wild Spaces website and click on 'Create your Wild Space' to get started.


Wild Spaces Scorecard

Wild Spaces Score Sheet

Design your Wild Space template

Design your Wild Space


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