Make a butterfly sun catcher

Make a colourful butterfly sun catcher - just one, or get together with friends to create a full window display!

You will need:

  • our downloadable templates
  • white card
  • scissors or a craft knife
  • coloured tissue paper in as many colours as you can find
  • PVA glue
  • a window
  • Blu tac or sticky tape

Step 1

Print our templates on to a sheet of card or thick paper. Ask an adult to help you cut the insides of the butterflies out with scissors or a craft knife. Don't cut around the outer edge just yet.

Step 2

Cut or tear your tissue paper into small pieces. Get creative and try cutting different shapes - squares, rectangles, or triangles. Don't worry of they aren't all the same shape and size, it will just add to the design.

Step 3

Cover your table with something to stop it getting sticky and lay your template on top, patterned side down.

Using small amounts of PVA glue, begin to cover the gaps by adding little squares of coloured tissue paper. Mix it up - you want your butterfly to be as bright as possible so use lots of different colours!

Continue to add more tissue paper until there are no gaps. You will need to overlap your tissue paper in places to fill the butterfly - see how the colours mix to make different shades. 

Step 4

When the glue has completely dried, carefully cut around the outside edge of your butterfly. Now your butterfly is ready to be stuck to your window using a couple of blobs of blu-tac or some little pieces of tape. All you need now is a bit of sunshine to make your butterfly glow!

Go large!

Did you know that a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope? Use the different templates provided to make your own kaleidoscope, and if you have a big window to fill, perhaps in your classroom, why not make an entire habitat? Use our extra templates to add some other insects and flowers. You can add strips of green to create long grasses, or how about some stems and leaves too? 

Download your templates

An image of sun catcher template

Butterfly sun catchers

Download me
An image of flower sun catcher templates

Insect, caterpillar and flower sun catchers

Download me
A 5 page download with flower, caterpillar and other insect sun catcher templates.

Useful Links

  • Kat Taylor Creates
    Our sun catcher templates were designed especially for us by Kat Taylor Creates