Test your memory and learn about symmetry with our butterflies and moths matching pairs game

You will need:

  • A print out of our matching pairs game cards
  • Glue Stick
  • Card 
  • Scissors

Step 1

Stick your print out cards on to thin cardboard.

Step 2

Cut each card out, and then cut along the lines of symmetry shown on each picture.

Step 3

Give the cards a shuffle and then place them face down on your playing surface, arranged in a grid.

Step 4

Players take turns to pick up two cards and look at the images. If they don't match, lay them face down back in their original spot. 

Step 5

Players continue to take turns, keeping the pair of cards if a matching set is found. The winner has the most matching pairs when all the cards are gone.

Further learning

As a team, can the players divide their cards in to Moths and Butterflies? Have a discussion about symmetry. Where else in the natural world can we find this sort of symmetry? What about eggs, caterpillars, pupae? Can you complete our symmetrical butterfly worksheet? 


Matching Pairs Game

Matching pairs playing cards

An image of the symmetrical butterfly download

Complete a symmetrical butterfly


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