Moth ID Tips with Dr Phil Sterling

Improve your moth identification skills with this online talk series focusing on commonly misidentified moth species, presented by Phil Sterling.

Session 2

In this session Phil talks us through identification tips to help distinguish between some of the trickier Kitten, Carpet, Wave, and Beauty species.

You can watch the recorded presentation by clicking on the video above. A PDF copy of the slides are available to download if required for note taking or future reference.

Also available to download is an FAQ document compiled from all four live events.


This talk series was made possible thanks to The National Lottery Heritage Fund through theĀ Kent's Magnificent Moths Project.

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Moth ID Tips PDF  2

Moth ID Tips Session 2 Slides (PDF Format)

Q&A Moth ID Tips thumbnail

Moth ID Tips - FAQs


Useful Links

  • What's Flying Tonight
    An app that uses millions of records to provide an illustrated list of the larger moth species seen at this time of year in your area.

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