We want to show you just how amazing moths are! Six Butterfly Conservation staff open up their moth traps. Which is your favourite? Design a Top Moths card using our template and rate your Top Moth against your friends. 

Step 1

Watch our Top Moths film to see what six of our Butterfly Conservation staff have caught in their moth traps.

Step 2

Pick your favourite. You might like to browse our A-Z of moths too - there are more than 2,500 species of moth found in the UK so there are plenty to choose from!

Step 3

Using our special template, complete our Top Moths card on your chosen species. You can do some research on our website to find out all about it and to help you give it a score in the different categories! 

Step 4

If your friends or classmates join in too, you can make a set of cards and play a Top Trumps style game! 


An image of the top moths card example

Top Moths example

Our example shows you how to complete your Top Moths card
An image of the top moths template

Top Moths template

Download me
Use our PDF version if you would like to print out and complete your card by hand.
An image of the top moths template

Top Moths template 2

Download me
Use our powerpoint template if you would like to complete your card using a computer.

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