Turn your school into a Wild Space!

Creating a Wild Space is an easy way to help butterflies and moths in your school grounds. Start your Wild Space journey with our lesson plan and associated activities.

Lesson Plan Idea

Follow the steps below to help introduce Wild Spaces to your class. Learn about the habitat needs of butterflies and moths, and investigate how butterfly and moth-friendly your school grounds are.

Ideally learners will already be familiar with the life cycle - if they need a refresh we'd recommend checking out our life cycle resources first.

Step 1

Watch our Wild Spaces in Schools animated video above.

Step 2

Challenge your class to think about what butterflies need to survive. Encourage them to think about each of the different stages of the life cycle - do they have different needs? You could discuss this as a whole group or you could split in to four and give each a different life stage to consider (e.g. egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, adult) before feeding back to the group.

Step 3

A Wild Space is a habitat that supports butterflies and moths through their entire life cycle. It includes flowers for adults to feed on, food for their caterpillars and somewhere for them to hide away and keep safe.

Use our Wild Spaces Score Sheet to find out how butterfly and moth-friendly your school grounds are. Head outside and have a good look around your school - how many Wild Space features do you have? Is there anything missing and what does this say about your school as a habitat for butterflies and moths?

Step 4

Encourage learners to start thinking about what little or big things could be done to improve or transform their schools grounds into a Wild Space.

You can find lots of tips, ideas, and see what other schools are doing by visiting our Wild Spaces website.

Tell us about your Wild Space!

No matter how small or large, we'd love to hear about your Wild Spaces - add your Wild Space to our map and download your certificate! Simply go to the Wild Spaces website and click on 'Create your Wild Space' to get started.

Further learning:

What other animals could benefit from making habitat for butterflies and moths?


Wild Spaces Score Sheet

Wild Spaces Score Sheet (for schools)

Habitat Colour-in

Habitat / Wild Space Colour-in


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