Use fallen leaves, seeds and other natural found items to make you own piece of Wild Art

How to make a wild art masterpiece

You can create your artwork while out on a walk - clear a little area on the ground or find a flat surface such as a tree stump. If you prefer, you can collect items as you walk and take them home with you instead. Avoid picking flowers, leaves or grasses - there will be plenty of items for you to find that have fallen to the ground. Hunt for seed pods, feathers, sticks, leaves and stones. Arrange your items in any pattern you like - or you might like to use butterflies, moths or caterpillars as your inspiration! Take a look at our gallery for some ideas.

Further learning

If creating a butterfly or moth, check out our Butterfly Body Parts page to learn about these creatures' anatomy.

Think about the materials you are using for your wild art - how might other creatures use the items you've found e.g. for nesting, food, hibernation?


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