Donate today and double your impact for butterflies and moths.

Give today and help us unlock more funding | Make your support even more valuable | Every donation is vital to ensure our ambitious projects can go ahead

Large Blue (upperside) - Pete Withers

How is my gift worth more? 

Here’s how:

1.  Our Conservation Strategy identifies key species and landscapes that require priority action;

2.  A project is developed to take relevant action using our extensive knowledge, research and science;

Wood White (underwing) - Mike McKenzie


3.  We identify a key funder and submit an application to secure the bulk of the project costs –funders will usually only provide a percentage of the project total – for example the National Lottery Heritage Fund will fund on average 68% of the total cost;

4.  You are key to funding the remaining 32% (via appeals like this) to enable the project to go ahead – therefore a donation of £32 could be worth £100 because of the grant funding it unlocks.

Chequered Skipper - Adam Gor

Your support can make a huge impact. 

Action is needed now to ensure a safe and bright future for butterflies, moths and our environment. 

Black-veined Moth (upperwing) - Ryszard Szczygieł
Kent Moths

Hidden amongst the shaded woodland and hillsides of Kent are some of the UK’s rarest and most stunning moths. Some, like the beautiful Black-veined moth, can only be found in Kent.  

Your donation could give these rare and beautiful moths a safer future by funding work with landowners, engaging schools and local communities and enhancing local habitats.
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (upperwing) - Iain Leach
Cornwall Fritillaries

Living amongst the Bracken-covered slopes and wild, marshy expanses of Bodmin Moor are some of our rarest butterflies. Our ambitious new project will work across three distinct areas in Cornwall to reverse the severe declines experienced by fritillary butterflies here over the last 50 years.

Your donation could help provide support and advice to landowners, train volunteers and work with local communities to raise awareness of these rare butterflies.
Volunteers creating ditch-blocking dams at Wester Moss
Your donations have already made a huge impact 

In Scotland, The Bog Squad is continuing to fight to preserve peatland habitat for species like the Large Heath, and in the West Midlands the Wood White has been successfully reintroduced to three sites giving it a safer future.

Your support has helped train over 200 volunteers to take action to protect bogs across Scotland. Donate today and double your impact for butterflies and moths. 

If we raise more funding than required for these projects, we will use your gift to support conservation delivery in priority landscapes for priority species.

In the unlikely event these projects do not go ahead we will contact donors to allow them to choose what happens to their donation.