Saturday 27th May 2023, 10:30am-12:30pm

Lardon Chase NT


51.5248864, -1.1525416

New Members are particularly welcomed to join this walk, where they leader will introduce you gently to the wonders of looking at our beautiful butterflies and day-flying moths.

Join us on a trip to the National Trust's Lardon Chase: part of one of the largest areas of chalk downland in the country. It has a rich chalk-grassland flora and a good suite of grassland and scrub butterflies. It also has spectacular views of the woodlands and steep valley over the village of Streatley.

We will explore the grassland and scrub, on the slopes, for its special butterflies. Target species: AdonisBlue and other chalk grassland species.

Accessibility - steep and strenuous slopes, as well as rabbit holes.

Meet at the National Trust car park.
Postcode: RG8 9RD