Sunday 29th May 2022, 10:00am-2:30pm

Queens Road Kendal


  • Chris Winnick

54.328398379233, -2.7527139300323

Outdoor Events - general advice and information: For all outdoor events, participants should bring suitable outdoor clothing, waterproofs and boots or similar and, sun cream and plenty of water in hot weather.  Bring a packed lunch for full-day events.
General safety advice will be given before all our events.  We ask all who attend to take personal responsibility for their own safety and possessions, and to pay special regard to trip hazards and the presence of ticks.
Before starting, please advise the walk leader of any medical or other conditions which could lead to you being unable to complete the walk.

We strongly advise that you look at the website which will provide you with useful and important information.
Booking is essential. We limit numbers for some events for safety and we require booking with the field trip leader by e-mail as soon as you are able to confirm attendance.  If you need to cancel a booked place, please tell the leader asap so that the place(s) may be offered to others.  Leaders may also be able to answer any individual request for further information. Contact  Chris Winnick at @email
Covid 19 Information  Regardless of the removal of legal requirements for Covid restrictions and changes to self-isolation requirements, we intend to take precautions to protect our visitors and each other.  To this end, we ask our visitors to bring a mask and personal sanitiser.  Wearing masks should not be necessary during outdoor field trips but it may still be useful to have your own mask and sanitiser with you just to cover all possible situations.  We want you to feel comfortable at this field trip.  Should you develop the symptoms of Covid 19 within 7 days after the field trip, contact Chris Winnick at @email

Most of the walk will be on or near Kendal Golf Course to Kettlewell Crag
Directions Leave Kendal centre by Beast Banks, opposite Town Hall, which turns into Greenside.  At a 4 way crossroad, turn right into High Tenterfell Road on right.  Continue straight on for 300-400m.   Meet at the junction between the 'Tam Track' and Queens Rd around grid ref SD 511928, sat nav LA9 5DU
Note There is only very limited parking at this point and parking on Queen’s Rd is limited to 1 hour