Saturday 3rd June 2023, 10:00am-3:00pm

Logie quarry near Kildary


57.757545518237, -4.0605356740671


Meeting place: The old entrance to the disused Logie quarry at NH 7739 7613. What3words: drives.issued.parkland. If travelling north up the A9 from Alness/Invergordon, turn left off the A9 about one mile north of Kildary. The quarry entrance is about one-third of a mile along the minor road.

If travelling south from Tain, turn right off the A9 one and a quarter miles after the turn-off to Arabella and Nigg.

Description: The sand and gravel substrate of this old quarry provides ideal growing conditions for Kidney Vetch (KV), the foodplant of Small Blue. Unfortunately, over the years, most of the open areas favoured by KV have been taken over by tree regeneration with the result that the KV has been shaded out. Work parties in autumn 2021 cleared some of the regenerating trees and scrub and planted Kidney Vetch and Bird’s-foot Trefoil – caterpillar foodplants of Small Blue and Dingy Skipper respectively. This work was followed by larger scale mechanical scrub clearance in winter 2021-22.

This weekend’s outing will visit the work site and hopefully see butterflies enjoying the improved habitat.

Approx duration: To lunchtime, and beyond if the weather is good.

What’s needed: Packed lunch