Following on from our butterfly identification webinar, Dr Andy Barker will be presenting ‘An Introduction to Moths’.

He will also be joined by Senior Moth Conservationist Tony Davis for the Q&A sessions.

It will take place on Zoom on Wednesday, April 7th and will run from 9.30am to 11am.

This session is ideal for those who already spend time identifying butterflies, as you will certainly encounter many common day-flying moths while doing so.

Unlike the butterfly ID courses, which focused on specific families and species, this session will provide a more general overview of moths, of which there are around 2,500 species in the UK.

The webinar will look at the variety of species and how you can go about identifying families, as well as some of the common moths you’re likely to encounter.



      Introduction to Moths

      Presented by Dr Andy Barker, plus Q&A session with Dr Barker & Tony Davis, Senior Moth Conservationist. 

      £10.00 (Standard rate)

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