Monday 14th October

Magdalen Hill Down East Entrance


  • Jane Chapman
  • 01962 808400 (office), or 07909 968657 (mobile)

51.062100439966, -1.2718810478668

Meet details: Magdalen Hill Down, East entrance: 10am - 4pm. Meet in the car park at the top of the track between the Stonemasons and Morn Hill Cemetery SO21 1HE (SU 512 295)

If you cannot get to the meet points at 10:00am, please find us on the Reserves. A note directing you to the location will be written on the blackboard at MHD.
We appreciate any time that you have to spare – even if it is just for the odd hour or so.
Please wear suitable clothing, and bring a packed lunch and refreshments. Tools, training, gloves and cakes will be provided.

Practical conservation tasks could include any of the following, and will generally involve a bonfire:
•    Scrub clearance, raking and burning
•    Tree popping (to remove unwanted woody species from the grasslands)
•    Creating bare ground and planting caterpillar food plants
•    Hedge laying and pleaching
•    Clearing fence-lines of clematis and hawthorn

The work-parties will be led by either myself, a contractor or a BC volunteer. On certain dates, a contractor may join us to carry out any necessary chainsaw work, or this might be done the day before in preparation for a work-party.

How you can get involved
As well as the dates listed, I also send out an email for extra work-parties when we have one-off jobs to tackle, or if the weather has forced us to cancel any of the pre-planned dates. If you would like to be added to this list, please email your contact details to:

If you are interested in leading a work-party, please contact me for further details.

If you would like more information, please call me on 01962 808400 (office), or 07909 968657 (mobile). PLEASE PHONE TO CHECK THAT THE WORK PARTY WILL GO AHEAD IF THE WEATHER IS BAD.

Many thanks, Jayne Chapman, Reserves Officer