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Friday 6th to Saturday 7th July 2018, 7pm-11am

Lagan Valley Regional Park, 3 Lock Keeper’s Lane

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about why and how to trap and record moths.

We will discuss moth ecology, equipment, literature and online recording as well as putting moth traps out on site. Come along and review the traps on the following morning. Everyone is welcome from those new to ‘mothing’ to someone who would like a refresher on their moth identification.

Trainer: Andrew Crory

Date & Time: Friday 6th July 2018, 7pm – 9pm. Presentation & Discussion.

Saturday 7th July 2018, 9am – 11am. Review of moth traps and moth id.

Location: Lagan Valley Regional Park, 3 Lock Keeper’s Lane, Milltown Road, Belfast BT8 7XT.

Directions/information: http://www.laganvalley.co.uk/contact-us.html