The Vanessids & Fritillaries identification course is the third in our series of online butterfly identification training sessions.

Led by Dr Andy Barker, one of Butterfly Conservation's trustees, and an active member and volunteer with 35 years experience, this session will focus on identifying Vanessids & Fritillaries, including the Purple Emperor, White Admiral and Large Tortoiseshell. In total it will cover 17 of the species found in the UK.

The session will focus on identification features, including how to identify butterflies from their markings, flight times and behaviour, plus where to find them and what the caterpillars feed on.

The session will last up to one and a half hours, split into two 35 minute halves with a 10 minute question and answer session at the end of each half.

It is suitable for all abilities, whether you’re a complete beginner or an existing butterfly enthusiast simply looking to pick up extra tips to help you identify the species you see.

In order to get the most out of the course it is recommended that you have a copy of the either the Field Studies Council butterfly ID chart, or your favourite field guide to butterflies. This will allow you to see the features and sizes of each butterfly referred to during the session and perhaps to make a few notes for future reference.

This is the third of four sessions, which together will cover the 59 native and regular migrant species, as well as two less common migrant species (Large Tortoiseshell & Long-tailed Blue), giving a total of 61 species.

Speaker profile:

Dr Andy Barker is a Butterfly Conservation trustee and Chair of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Branch. He has extensive experience of working with and training volunteers.

Dr Barker was born and brought up on a working farm in north Hertfordshire, which is where his life-long passion for butterflies, moths, and conservation began.

He has been actively involved with Butterfly Conservation at local, regional and national level since 1985. His particular interests include butterfly surveys, monitoring and management of chalk grasslands.

Last year (2020) he retired from his position as Senior Tutor in Geology at the University of Southampton.


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