Never before has time in nature felt so precious. 

We are living in difficult and unusual times, and time spent in gardens or outside during daily exercise is welcome and provides some relief from anxiety.

If you are lucky enough to catch sight of a carefree butterfly or moth it is a reminder to take pleasure in the small things, nature is always here for us, even when everything else feels uncertain.

Holly Blue / Gardening - J Williams/Pexels

Amid an ongoing biodiversity crisis, nature still needs our help and we want to assure you that work at Butterfly Conservation has not stopped.

We continue to strive to ensure that butterflies, moths and our precious greenspaces are protected for everyone to enjoy.

Like many charities Butterfly Conservation is facing major financial challenges; fundraising events have been cancelled and many other sources of income are on hold.

We know that times are tough for many people now but, if you can, please consider making a small donation or regular gift to ensure we can continue to protect nature when we need it most.

Cryptic Wood White - James O'Neill

How will my support now help? 

As you may imagine, the current situation has had a huge impact on our work as our scientists and volunteers are unable to undertake mass data-gathering and field research due to lockdown. 

However, in line with current government advice, we have adapted the way we work in order to provide support where needed and maintain momentum so that we are ready to restart our conservation efforts on the ground as soon as we can. We continue to provide advice and support to many farmers and land managers who care for our environment as best we can given the current restrictions.

Below are some examples of ongoing priority work that we currently need funding for:
Brown Hairstreak

Research and data analysis - our conservation work is founded on high quality data and our scientists continue to work to understand the threats facing butterflies, moths and other wildlife.

Girl watering plants/Gardening - Pexels

Education and engagement – we are producing free online resources for both children and adults designed to improve mental health and wellbeing. We are still supporting our citizen scientists, getting people to log and count butterfly species they see in their own gardens to help us to track species across the UK.


Supporting farmers – we are still supporting farmers with Countryside Stewardship Scheme applications and providing support and advice with ongoing farmland projects.

Mantell Garpiog (ŵy)

Planning for the future – we are developing plans and new projects to ensure the ongoing protection of threatened and widespread species throughout the UK.

Alcon Blue (underwing) - Kasia Bukowska

Making change in the heart of government – we are working with government ministers across the UK to influence environmental policy, for instance ensuring that the England environment bill protects our precious pollinators.

We share our practical experience as well as the latest research on how to manage land for butterflies and moths to ensure future agricultural support schemes benefit wildlife. When this crisis is over, society will have the chance to make choices about the way we rebuild our future.

Volunteer Amy Staff - Amy Staff

Before isolation began butterflies were showing signs of hope, thanks to the work of our wonderful scientists, conservation officers, members, supporters and volunteers.

With your help we will continue to support this fight back and work for a safer future for butterflies, moths and all wildlife.

If you would prefer not to donate online you can:

Phone us on 01929 406015.

Send a cheque made out to Butterfly Conservation to Manor Yard, East Lulworth, Wareham, BH20 5QP.

Donate by text message: Text BUTTERFLY 5 to 70460 to donate £5. (Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message).

Protecting butterflies and moths doesn’t stop for Coronavirus. Your donation will go to support our ongoing work to protect butterflies and moths across the UK.