Donate today and your donation will be worth at least double the amount, allowing us to do more to tackle butterfly and moth declines.

Think BIG to save butterflies!

We need to fund conservation projects that will transform landscapes, creating chains of habitat for struggling species. This approach makes it possible for butterflies and moths to move through our countryside, towns and cities, establish new colonies and expand their populations.

We have some funding in place for these ambitious landscape-scale plans but work can't start until we match the secured funding and raise the total amount needed for each project. 

Your donation could make it possible for us to:

Wood White - Mike McKenzie

Keep woodland butterflies on the wing in the East Midlands

Our Woodland Wings project will inspire people living near the ancient forest and parkland of Yardley Whittlewood Ridge to care for and protect butterflies like the Wood White, Black Hairstreak and Dingy Skipper. 

Small Tortoiseshell - Iain Leach

Building sites for butterflies

We can promote the creation of wildlife habitat as part of urban development by working with the construction, mineral and waste industries, as well as major infrastructure projects, public utility providers and local government.

Silky Wave - Mark Parsons

Give the Silky Wave a future in the Avon Gorge

The Silky Wave moth could be lost from it's one remaining site in England unless we restore areas of limestone grassland in the Avon Gorge, providing more food and breeding habitat.

Heath Fritillary - Bob Eade

Save the South Essex Heath Fritillary

The Heath Fritillary is one of our most threatened species. Numbers have dropped to a worrying low at woodland sites in South Essex. Small isolated colonies of the butterfly can only expand if we create corridors linking suitable habitat.