The Silky Wave moth is found in just three places in the whole of the UK: two sites in Wales and a single location in England, the Avon Gorge in Bristol.

Its future in the Avon Gorge is now under dire threat because its caterpillar foodplant, Common Rockrose, is being crowded out by competing shrubs. Without urgent scrub clearance, the Silky Wave could be lost from England permanently.

We are working with local partners and the owners of two large former quarries to restore limestone grassland habitat so the foodplant can flourish. This project will encourage the Silky Wave to expand and thrive across this landscape, securing its future in the Avon Gorge. We are working with local volunteers to carry out further scrub management, to increase our impact and spread the word about this unique landscape. This work will also benefit threatened butterflies, like the Small Blue, and rare moth species.