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Writing a will is simply a way to make a lasting contribution to the things that matter to you, ensuring no life story goes unwritten, every lifetime valued, and the transformative potential of legacy giving is fully realised.

Butterflies and moths are beautiful and important parts of the ecosystem, yet they could disappear without our help. Habitat loss and climate change have left many species struggling to survive. Butterfly Conservation is dedicated to reversing the devastating declines of the UK’s butterflies and moths.

 A Will allows you to look after family, friends and causes closest to your heart. A Will provides peace of mind; you know your estate is in order and can control who benefits from it. Once you have taken care of your family and friends please consider leaving a gift to Butterfly Conservation

This October Butterfly Conservation are offering free and discounted simple will writing services making it easier to support butterflies and moths ensuring everyone, whatever their circumstances, has the chance to shape the future for the next generation to enjoy

Choose from:

National Free Wills Network
To arrange an appointment please contact Alison Adams @email

To arrange an appointment with a solicitor please call McClure on Free phone 0800 852 1999 and quote Butterfly Conservation for your discount.

The Goodwill Partnership
To arrange an appointment visit their website or call 0844 669 6148 and quote Butterfly Conservation for your discount.

You are not obliged to include a gift to Butterfly Conservation when using the free or discounted will writing services but if you do it costs you nothing now but makes a fantastic difference in the future helping to create a landscape where butterflies and moths thrive for future generations to enjoy

The world is changing all around us there has never been a more important time to remember Butterfly Conservation 

Thank you for considering leaving Butterfly Conservation a gift in your will. Your generous support is very much appreciated.