Butterfly Conservation runs projects across the UK, protecting more than 100 threatened species. We take action where we know butterflies and moths are struggling and it works.

  • Dark Bordered Beauty moth numbers have increased by 622% in Yorkshire thanks to our project at Strensall Common, where we restored habitat after a fire destroyed caterpillar food plants.
  • Heath Fritillary numbers have increased by 180%  as a result of our project in South Essex where we created woodland corridors, linking areas of breeding habitat. 

Funding bodies, like the lottery or landfill trusts, will only release their contribution towards a project when we prove that we can cover the remainder of the cost. Your donation will release larger sums of money for butterflies and moths through these match funding initiatives.

To replicate the success we have had in bringing butterflies and moths back from the brink of extinction we must run more projects. Support this work today and your donation will be worth at least twice the amount with match funding.

Donations to this appeal will support projects across the UK. The projects demonstrated below are examples of work that needs funding now. If we raise more than is needed for these projects donations will be used to support other conservation work and activities.

I am donating to the Winter Appeal so my donation will be worth more to butterflies and moths