Pearl-bordered Fritillary - Bob Eade

Characterised by winding streams, gentle rolling hills, orchards and ancient woodlands, the Wyre Forest is home to a wide array of remarkable wildlife. This beautiful landscape provides vital habitat for many rare butterflies and moths, including the Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Wood White and Drab Looper.

Maintaining the right conditions for threatened woodland species to thrive is a complicated task and relies on connecting habitat across the forest and the surrounding area. We work with 60 landowners providing training, sharing best practice and creating good quality, connected, habitat. This enables butterflies and moths to disperse across the landscape and establish new colonies, strengthening populations.

Your donation could provide additional training and resources for farmers and landowners in the Wyre Forest, enabling threatened species like the Pearl-bordered Fritillary to thrive.

By supporting this project and others like it, your donation will be worth at least twice the amount with match funding.