Duke of Burgundy

The Duke of Burgundy is one of our most threatened butterflies. It has seen its population plummet by 42%, disappearing from 84% of the sites where it could be found in the 1970s.

The North York Moors is one of the few places this butterfly still calls home. Your support has enabled improved management of surviving sites as well as many potential ones. The butterfly has responded: its numbers in 2018 were the best ever recorded and double-figure counts were made at two new sites. However, much more work is needed if these gains are to be maintained, or better still improved upon.

You can help us provide the complex habitat this butterfly needs to survive. We are creating sunlit woodland clearings so the butterfly can breed, slowing the growth of scrub and Bracken to allow caterpillar foodplants to flourish and training volunteers to survey butterflies and carry out ongoing habitat maintenance.

Your donation will protect the Duke of Burgundy in the North York Moors, creating the right habitat conditions to ensure it continues its recovery in one of its remaining strongholds.  

By supporting this project and others like it, your donation will be worth at least twice the amount with match funding.