Wood White

The Wood White is one of our most threatened butterflies, declining by nearly 90% since 1979. The West Midlands was once a stronghold for this rare butterfly and with your help it could become an important refuge again.

In March 2016 we began a project to return this beautiful butterfly to a number of sites in the area. Butterfly Conservation staff, and volunteers from our West Midlands Branch, transformed woodland to welcome the species, creating sunlit clearings and woodland ride verges where foodplants could flourish. The Wood White was reintroduced to two sites, our Monkwood Nature Reserve in Worcestershire, owned and managed in partnership with the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, and Blakeridge Wood in Shropshire, a Forestry Commission site. The butterfly is now thriving in both locations. In Monkwood during just one visit in 2018, 160 butterflies were seen, an optimistic sign since its reintroduction in 2016.

Donate today and your gift could bring the Wood White back to new locations in the West Midlands. Give this butterfly a safer future by helping us train volunteers and landowners in identification, habitat management and monitoring.

By supporting this project and others like it, your donation will be worth at least twice the amount with match funding.