Fiery Clearwing by Keith Tailby

The shaded woodlands, rolling chalk downs and beautiful coasts of Kent are home to some of the UK’s rarest and most threatened moths. Some, like the striking Black-veined Moth, can only be found in this picturesque county.

We are developing an ambitious project to deliver one of the UK’s largest moth conservation projects to date, to ensure the special species living here are protected and encouraged to expand their range. Community events and activities will introduce people to the marvellous moths on their doorstep. New volunteers will be trained in identification skills and school visits will inspire children to learn more about their local wildlife.

Your donation could give rare moths like the Fiery Clearwing, Sussex Emerald, Bright Wave and White-spotted Sable a long-term future, by engaging local communities to care for and protect the remarkable species they live alongside.

By supporting this project and others like it, your donation will be worth at least twice the amount with match funding.