Female Emperor Moth (Toby Ludlow)

Below are some key documents to support you as a volunteer with Butterfly Conservation.

Our Values

To help us stay true to our vision and mission we have worked together to define our values.

They are who we are and who we strive to be. Working together in unison, they inspire us to be the best we can be and help us to make good decisions today while building momentum towards a future where butterflies and moths can thrive.

We deliver Excellence

We use our wealth of scientific evidence and practical experience to deliver positive change for butterflies, moths and nature. We are the experts you can trust to give you the information you need.

We are Passionate

Nature is at the heart of all we do. We are dedicated to delivering positive change to conserve butterflies, moths and our environment. We are relentless in the pursuit of our vision, seeking new ways to make a difference.

We are Inspiring

We take action and speak up for what we believe in; we enable people to understand, enjoy and care for butterflies and moths.

We are Collaborative

We will achieve our vision by building networks, communities and partnerships, to deliver success for nature. Our culture champions and promotes inclusion, equality and diversity.

Butterfly Conservation is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone is valued and feels comfortable to be themselves. We employ amazing people from a wide variety of backgrounds, but who all share one thing in common, the desire to save butterflies, moths, and our environment.  

Volunteering With Us

Role Profiles

All of our role profiles are now managed through Assemble, our new volunteer portal.  If you already volunteer with us, you can download a copy of your role profile(s) by logging into Assemble and clicking on your role title (found on your user profile, under the Roles and Responsibilities tab).  If you are new to volunteering with us, you can search for opportunities near you on our new opportunity search.

If you require a copy of a role profile and cannot find it on our opportunity search or in Assemble, please contact the Volunteering Team.

Expenses Policy and Claim Form

The time and commitment volunteers give are extremely valuable and Trustees value their dedication to the charity to help carry out the good work of Butterfly Conservation.  We want to support as many people to volunteer with us as possible and actively seek to reduce or remove barriers to volunteering, including the financial cost of doing so.

Registered volunteers are eligible to claim back out of pocket expenses incurred whilst volunteering, in line with our Volunteer Expenses Policy.  A copy of this is available to registered volunteers via Assemble.

Our Policies

All of our policies can now be found in the Document Hub of Assemble, which is available to all registered volunteers.

Getting Help

If you need help with your role, please contact one of the following people for help in the first instance:

  • Branch volunteers should contact their Branch Committee
  • People volunteering on a project should contact their Project Officer
  • Branch committee members should email [email protected] if they have a question
  • All other volunteers should contact their Key Contact (named as their "Manager" on the Roles and Responsibilities tab of their user profile in Assemble).

We will be rolling out a new volunteer portal, Assemble, during 2024.  Once you are registered on Assemble, you can access further help from staff, as well as support for using Assemble.