By fundraising for Butterfly Conservation you can help prevent the extinction of our native butterflies and moths. Whatever your plans, be confident that the money you raise will make a real difference to the long-term future of these threatened creatures.

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Everything you need to get started and more! Help us save butterflies, moths and our environment.

Five of the UK's butterflies have already become extinct and many others are threatened. Moths too have suffered major declines. Butterfly Conservation advises landowners, managers and other organisations on conserving and restoring important habitats in the countryside, towns and cities. We carry out surveys, monitoring and research, manage nature reserves and promote wildlife-friendly gardening. All this is only possible with your support.

Together we can help struggling butterflies and moths recover and thrive.

  • £20 will buy 20 violet plants, providing food for Pearl-bordered Fritillary caterpillars.
  • £50 pays for a breeding enclosure so rare butterflies can be given a population boost.
  • £100 covers the cost of 11 elm trees, essential for White-letter Hairstreak butterflies.
  • £250 will provide a training workshop for up to 15 volunteers to support our work.
  • £400 buys a brushcutter to clear overgrown scrub on our reserves so butterflies can thrive.
  • £1000 pays for a hectare of coppiced woodland to be restored allowing butterflies to prosper.
    Painted Lady - Gary Richardson

    Inspiration, tips and advice

    Want to do your bit for our beautiful butterflies and marvellous moths, but you are feeling a bit stuck for ideas? Maybe you’re not sure how to get started? Have no fear, for we have all the information and ideas you need. We also have everything you need to know about getting started, making your event a success and keeping it legal.

    Chalk Hill Blue - Peter Eeles

    Money matters

    Money might not be everything in life, but it can certainly make things easier. Without fundraising we could not achieve our important goals, or even continue our hard work to safeguard our butterflies and moths. Whether its £1 or £1000, every penny counts towards our conservation work. Gift Aid and match giving can make all the difference to fundraising efforts big or small

    Peacock - Neil Hulme

    Spread the word

    Getting your voice heard is an important part of fundraising, and we are here to make it easier. In fact, shouting about the fantastic things you are doing is now even easier with the help of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Why not get in touch with our news team, with their help you could even end up in the local paper! Posters and flyers can do a great job too.

    Elephant Hawk-moth - Shane Farrell

    Get in touch

    If you plan on fundraising for us, or have some ideas but would like more advice then please get in touch! We would love to hear about what you have planned. We can provide you with event materials such as leaflets and flyers and even collection boxes. Just tell us what you need and we will do our best to help. Our Publicity Team can even help you promote your event to the wider and local media